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Denimly is a US-based start-up company, that makes house-hold items, such as, gloves, curtains, bedwear, aprons out of denim material. They wanted to launch their products in US, and required for us to develop a brand-identity for them.
I derived their logo from the material itself. If we zoom in at the material under a microscope, we can see that the threads are woven in a specific way to give the fabric its strength. The crisscross pattern of the stitch was abstracted into an image and then minimalized to form the logo.

A user-friendly, modern blue font was used to make the logo stand out against its background. The color blue also symbolizes blueness of denim fabric. I built a brand-guideline for them and, generalizing their logo and extracting shades of blue, constructed design elements, packaging, stationery, social media guideline, website and numerous other artworks.


The whole concept was very warmly received by the client and acceded to without any improvements or recommendations.