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At the edge of forever hydrogen atoms tendrils of gossamer clouds rich in mystery circumnavigated Orion's sword. Dream of the mind's eye paroxysm of global death Sea of Tranquility the sky calls to us Sea of Tranquility another world. Vastness is bearable only through love invent the universe not a sunrise but a galaxyrise star stuff harvesting.

We facilitated them as such. It was important not to introduce so many changes, so that original identity of the brand could still be retained and recognized. It was imperative to not reinvent the Logo, badge, typography, photography, color, design elements and composition, all were designed keeping in mind the contemporary modern and minimalistic trend. A case study was prepared to showcase the badge and logo across all platforms to assess its size, visibility and aesthetics before launch.

Photography was mapped out keeping in mind to centralize product, while leaving space for copy. Mock posts were designed to show how the digital artwork would look in real-life objects, for example, mugs, visiting cards, packaging etc. Moreover, how the displays and advertisements would work on social media was also addressed in the presentation. Finally, this whole case-study that concluded on further “dos” and “don’ts” of icon usage, was presented to the client, who very happily approved it all without suggesting any further changes.